Best Employee

Celebrate your most prized asset – your staff – and the affect they have had on your business, from increased sales and revenue to introducing innovative ideas.

Tell us about new ideas and helpful suggestions they have come up with that have helped improve productivity, safety, workflow, efficiency, profitability, or enhanced the overall success of the enterprise. Describe how this employee consistently assists and works with fellow employees without having to be asked; eagerly participates in group or team projects; and thinks of others and the needs of the enterprise before thinking of self.

The employee must have been with your company since 1st January 2017.

Entry Criteria

  • Why should your employee win Best Employee Award?
  • Outline their career to date providing details of further education and professional qualifications etc.
  • Briefly state your company’s business activities, its products/services, company size, and turnover and profitability. Also, give details on their role within the company and your areas of responsibility.
  • To what extent have they been responsible for achieving improved financial performance?
  • In non-financial terms what contribution/s have they made to the development of the business? i.e. product/service development, improved manufacturing methods, market position, introduction of quality standards/initiatives, training activities etc.
  • What personal characteristics do you feel have made them successful?
  • Provide details on any activities they are involved in outside of your business life showing the relevance to Gloucestershire or the local community.
  • Any other matters of significance