Business Innovation

This award will go to a business that has introduced a product, process, invention, idea or design that has made a significant contribution.

The judges will be interested in innovation that has improved an existing product, process, or an initiative that has led to the development of new products or services.

They will also be interested in how innovation is embraced within the culture of the business.

Entry Criteria

  • Why should your business win Business Innovation?
  • Outline your business giving details of the products/services you provide.
  • Provide details of the products/services you have developed including the following information:
    • How do your products/services differ from your competitors’?
      On what grounds do you consider your products/services to be successful?
  • Why do you consider your business to be innovative? Does your business have an innovation policy? Demonstrate your commitment to innovation.
  • What commitment to ‘top’ management give to business innovation? To what extent does this management involve its staff in the decision making process?
  • Briefly describe the process in which you develop new products/services ensuring you provide details on the following:
    • The encouragement for people to come up with new ideas
      The methods used for separating good ideas from bad ones
      How research plays its role in the development of new products/services
      How customer and supplier feedback is obtained and generated to assist in the development process.
  • Any other matters of significance