Marketing Campaign of the Year

An organisation that has communicated effectively with its target audience over the past year.

The initiative may have been part of an ongoing programme or a one-off campaign. It may have used a variety of channels such as media relations, public relations, and online media.

The judges will be interested in the business benefits that have resulted from these activities and how the company shows integrity and wisdom embodying the spirit of great communication.

Applications are welcome from companies or organisations in the private, public or voluntary sectors.

Entry criteria

  • Why should you and your business win Marketing Campaign of the Year?
  • Briefly outline your business and the products/services it provides (approximately 100-200 words).
  • Outline the communication challenges you have faced and the audience to which activities were aimed. Please include details on the following:
    • Communications resources
      Communications objectives
      Targets and key performance indicators
  • Summarise your approach and how this was implemented. Please include details on the following:
    • Budget
      In what way it was innovative
      Reason for choosing specific communication channels
      Outline the benefits that the communications approach achieved
      How has the communications approach influenced future work
      How are communications reflected in your business plan
  • Any other matters of significance